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Hebraic Vision of Beit B'Resheet Congregation


1.)  To reach out to the Jewish Community first and within that context, reaching all people with the Gospel.(Romans 1-16)


2.)  To maintain a consistent Hebraic Jewish witness and style of teaching to the congregation and the community within the Greater St. Louis Area.


3.)  To interact as much as is possible with the St. Louis Jewish Community.


4.)  Keeping Shabbat and the Biblical Festivals as commanded by Adonai.(Deuteronomy 5-12)


5.)  Reaching out to the Christian Community in a Hebraic way to all that desire to learn the Hebraic Foundations of Chemistry.


6.)  To employ Scriptural principles of love, support and ministry to all people within Beit B'Resheet Congregation. This includes family members who may or may not be active in the Congregation.


7.)  To employ Scriptural principles of assisting all people within the Congregation to identify their ministry, the development and flow of that ministry. Thus providing sustenance to the entire congregational family and allowing proper growth. (Ephesians 4-11 & 12)


8.)  To support various ministries preaching the Gospel in a variety of locations, with an emphasis being place upon Jewish outreach.

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